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One of the most important concerns of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is women’s empowerment. Women’s empowerment is also important to the Ghanaian government, because women have fewer chances than men, even though women outnumber men.

The Women Entrepreneurs on the Rise Network (WERise) is a platform for women in the MSME space to unite their efforts to overcome persistent challenges and to build a community where women can have constructive peer relationships and networking opportunities for knowledge sharing skills development.

What We Offer
To be a leading network dedicated to women’s economic growth and transformation within the MSME ecosystem through strategic partnerships.
To connect female entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial development programs and events based in Ghana.
Why You Should Join WeRise

The Women Entrepreneurs on the Rise Network (WERise) will be the platform to unify the efforts of women in the MSME space to overcome the challenges that persist and create a conducive platform for constructive peer relationships and skill and knowledge sharing.

We Rise
Our Objectives


  1. To create an independent network of Ghanaian female professionals that drives the gender equality agenda
  2. To help address the current gender imbalances and promote gender-sensitive actions that empower women
  3. To help women develop their entrepreneurship skills through an accelerated advancement process
  4. To create opportunities for female entrepreneurs to reach their goals and build business empires/ maintain profitable and sustainable business /top management
  5. Support female entrepreneurs to participate in entrepreneurial development programs, including education, events, corporate and executive memberships, and executive coaching